Monday, September 3, 2012

Can you feel the cold air yet?

With the Labor Day weekend coming to an end all the swimming pools are closing and the kids are back in school. I guess this means summer is over and the cold weather is on the way.

I think I'm actually looking forward to the cold weather this year, it was way too hot this summer.


  1. We are still using our pool!! I too, am looking forward to cooler temps and some rain.

  2. Your part of the country got scorched this Summer, frankly I don't know how you all tolerate all the heat!

    So far over here on the Left Coast we've only had about 2 weeks of what we call hot weather (anything above 75°)...

  3. Cold sounds sooooo good....unfortunately its still a ways off here, and we have been back in school for a whole month already:)

  4. Very nice view of QP lake! The foreground of the ice seems to set the winter scene for the Mtns. just right. Got to get down there to take pics in the snow and ice this year, ( if it snows!)

    Temp at home right now is 105.6F at 3:24pm !


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