Friday, September 21, 2012

Keep it simple!

Found this yacht just a stones throw from the Hawaii Five-0 "Shrimp Truck". The vessel owner appears to have all the important things on board, twin fishing poles, tackle box, bait box and spare gasoline for the trolling motor.


  1. Pretty clever for DYI fishing boat. After, the fishing trip, I would take everything off the board, and go surfing.

  2. That little yacht is built for pure fun! Just fill the ice chest with sandwiches and drinks, load the favorite pooch on front, and spend the day exploring the bay.

  3. I can see where that would be great in Hawaii. As long as you didn't get swamped by a wave you would do alright. You seem to find the weirdest stuff at the docks! LOL

    1. "You seem to find the weirdest stuff at the docks!"

      I resemble that statement! LOL


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