Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crowded Skies over Hardy Bay

If it isn't a good picture it better be interesting... LOL This one falls into the interesting category.

Every fall the Salmon come into Hardy Bay waiting for enough rain so they can head up river to spawn. Wherever there are fish the Seagulls follow hoping for an easy meal. Trouble is the Bay can get quite crowded at times between the fish, fish boats, birds and everything else that goes on during fishing season!

Fortunately this airplane has a propeller not a jet engine so no repeat performance of the "Miracle on the Hudson" in Hardy bay!


  1. This is a good AND interesting photo! Prop or not I don't think I would be wanting to take off in a mess of birds like that.

  2. still looks like flying into a storm, of sorts! :)

  3. Always good to see the interesting goings-on around Port Hardy!

  4. If the Salmon come into the bay, I'm holding a fishing pole not a camera. It looks like it's a short takeoff, I can see he or she got her flaps down to 30 D.


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