Friday, September 21, 2012

Daydreaming Again

It has been a very long week and unfortunatley it looks like my next day off won't be until the end of October. I think a little daydreaming is in order. This was taken at my favorite place in the world, Maui, along the coast of Honokowai.


  1. I can see why its your favorite!!!

  2. You are starting to sound like me not getting any time off...
    Great daydream picture!

  3. All this talk about work has wore me out! Started getting my 5th Wheel trailer ready yesterday for a few days or weeks away. Hope to leave Monday AM.

    1. A few weeks? Man, life is tough down there. LOL

      Be sure to save a few days for hte end of October. We'll be there bright and early on the 25th.

      Have a safe and fun trip!

    2. I have the 25th on my calendar. If all goes well, will be in camp when you arrive.


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