Monday, September 3, 2012

Kaleidoscope of Color


A fast and furious beat from the drummers and singers at the pow wow drum had these guys dancing at full speed. Twisting and twirling moves had the colorful feathers from their costumes and headdresses moving in a blur of color. A slow shutter speed of about a half second was used to try and capture the action and put motion in the pic. Seemed to work well for what I had in mind?
This is my last pic from the Red Earth series. Thanks for all the nice comments!
Red Earth



  1. Amazing shot Parker. I'm sad that I missed the Pow Wow's this year. It won't happen next year.

  2. I preferred this way, nice colors, and composition.

  3. Lots of colors in that photo! I like the blur too.

  4. Great capture, very colorful action shot!

  5. Hi Parker. I just got an iPad and it has been a pain learning and won't let me comment at times. but it is so good to see your work like this one. wonderful shot and colors. okay let me see if this comment passes!=]

  6. oh oh good it worked! This photo is my favorite of yours! just awesome.

    1. Your coming in loud and clear on the iPad. And a big thanks for the comment!


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