Sunday, September 2, 2012

New cell phone...

Finally replaced the old cell phone. The new phone has an 8mp camera in it along with all the other smarter than me features. LOL

So today I was playing with the new phone and took a few pictures including the one above. I'm thinking to myself as I look through the pictures on the phones high resolution display that I can just leave all my heavy camera gear at home from now on and take all my pictures with the new cell phone...

But that all changed when I loaded the pictures onto the computer and had a look at them on the big screen! The phone does an alright job but there is no comparison, not even close when it comes to the detail and quality produced by a good lens and nice big sensor to capture an image.


  1. For a second there I was about ready to scream and throw something against the wall! LOL

    It's definitely not a bad photo, especially for a phone, but I can just imagine what the D90 would have done for you on that shot.

    My phone has a lot of those "smarter than me" features too. I just ignore them and hope they will go away. LOL

    1. Used to be you get a new phone and after half a day it's all set up and life goes on... Now days you get a new phone and it takes weeks to get everything setup and syncing with all your other gadgets that are supposed to be saving you time! LOL

    2. Got me a new phone last month and had a heck of a time finding just a simple no frills model. Tried it's 1.5 pixel camera and still don't know what the pic was.LOL

    3. Smart phones are nice but they keep you too connected. I find myself checking e-mails all of the time when I'm not at home just because I can. You just can't get away from everything unless you discipline yourself, which I'm slowly working on. LOL

    4. Self discipline what's that. LOL
      ( Posted for my new cellphone.)

  2. i use my cell for sky shots a lot. try not to go for macros or other detail with it. :)

  3. I like the shot even if with a phone camera. Well composed and the subject matter is interesting. Important parts in a good photo. Appeal to the individual viewer.


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