Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Famous Hawaiian

Recognize this guy? This is actor Taylor Wily who plays the lovable bad guy "Kamekona" on the new Hawaii Five-O series.


  1. Happy go lucky looking fellow. Bet this was taken at an evening show and dinner from your trip to the Islands.

  2. eh, bra, everything has shrimp. LOL

    Just watched Five-O last night, had it recorded on the DVD.

    This is a great shot. Was he just out and about or were you at a show somewhere that he was a part of?

  3. I haven't watched Five-O but this guy looks like a real character outside his role- no? Great shot. =)

  4. Took this picture as Mr Wily rode past in the 70th anniversary Perl Harbor parade in Waikiki.
    Only thing I did special was crank up the in camera flash strength as high as it would go, Mr Wily was about 30 feet away but the photo worked out just fine.


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