Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fire on the horizon

I actually went out at sunset last night (I was awake after all) and took some real photos! I didn't get the sunset I was hoping for so I started looking for alternatives. On the way back to my car I saw it, a half way decent shot. So I stopped and set up my tripod, yes, you heard right, tripod, and I fired off about twenty shots at different f stops and shutter speeds to see what I could get.

This was shot with the Sigma 10-20mm wide angle, 10mm at f18 and 1/3 second (at about 34 degrees temperature and a 20 mph wind I might add). The moon overexposed just a touch but I did get the color in the sky I was looking for.


  1. really beautiful! yay, tripod! :)

  2. And a "REAL" good picture you captured! The colors were bright and lively. With the temperature as cold as it was, a tripod would be a necessity just to steady the shivers!!

    All jokes aside, the photo shows that effort was put into the final results.

  3. Thanks Parker! I had the tripod set as low as it would go and I had to get down on the ground to look through the view finder. I could have used your help getting back up! LOL

    The good news is, I wasn't wearing a backpack at the time so it made it easier to get off the ground!

  4. The colors are so beautiful. It's my favorite time of day to capture the sky.

  5. Haha! the things we do to get just the right angle on a shot, I thought you must have been pretty low! It was so worth all the effort, it's a brilliant image Ron.

  6. Well worth your effort to be sure!

    I really like the silhouetted trees in front of this colorful sunset!

    Not so easy to get the camera to capture what you are seeing with your eyes... But you sure did with this shot.

  7. What!!!!! Tripod!!!!! What!!!!! Is this a same Ron that I met in OK? There's no way is a same person.

    Someone helping out here. What!!!!

  8. What can I say Q? You must be wearing off on me. The next thing you know I will be getting up at 3:00 a.m. and hiking out into the middle of nowhere to get a sunrise shot. OK, maybe not but I will use my tripod more often! LOL


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