Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wild Wild West!

This is an old picture from last the summer that went to Utah, I have done some layers in CS5 to convert this photo to antiques looks.

Since, we are approaching 2012, I hope we could see some photos posted in this blog from our new members.

Happy New Year Everyone.


  1. That's a neat technique Q. How long did it take you in photoshop to transform it?

    I'm not sure our new members remember how to take photos! LOL

    Cheryl has been busy, busy with all of her wedding and Christmas orders and Aaron has been busy with two young kids. Even I have had to dig into the archives for most of the last few months just to have something to post. That will all change though in just 20 days! :~)

  2. Ron,
    With NIK software plug-in CS5, it tooks me less than 5 min. to do that.
    It has an HDR layer, glow layer, sepia layer. and a border layer.

  3. Nicely done Q! The border layer adds just the right finish to this picture.

  4. Five minutes in Nikon software and you rolled time back 100yrs with the look you gave this pic. Neat process!

  5. I'm definitely no expert at photography but I really like this one. =)


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