Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Also known as " The Winter Solstice ". I have two calenders, one calling the 21st the day, with the other naming the 22nd the official day. Either way winter is upon us! We have not seen our first snow yet but I'm sure one will reach us in due time.

This has always been a Special Day for me as the 21st of December was my Mother's Birthday and my first grandchild, Heather, was born on this day also!
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  1. that's a beautiful hand-painted bulb!

  2. I suspect it would be lots of fun getting creative and painting Christmas bulbs! Though I don't think any I painted would come as nice as this one... LOL

    Looking at several calenders hanging around the house, one says yesterday was the first day of winter and another says tomorrow is... Oh and by the way one calender says it's Hanukkah today. So Happy Hanukkah!

  3. Love the ornament! Happy Birthday wishes to your granddaughter.

  4. It's wonderful that you have good memories for December 21, Parker. The ornament in your photo is lovely, so delicate looking.

  5. What a beautiful art work! It looks like the art filled from inside the bulb.

  6. Happy 21st! (A day late)

    If you have two calendars and they both have a different day for the start of the winter soltice then does that mean the Mayan calendar is wrong? LOL

    This is a very beautiful ornament and you captured it perfectly. Like Q said, it looks like you are going into the bulb.

    Was there a tripod involved in this shot?

  7. Well shot! I didn't get here fast enough. Happy birthday ladies! I hope you had a wonderful day. I really love this photo of your ornament...looks so inviting.

  8. Hi Parker,
    I so enjoy your comments over at A Camp Host's Meanderings. You are always so personal and supportive. Thank you. I appreciate our blog friendship. Happy Winter Solstice to you. I hope that you have a very special Christmas and New Years also. Take care then. Stay safe.


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