Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random wedding photographer...

While wandering around Magic Island Park (near Waikiki) my wife and I came across a number of "just married" couples getting there photographs taken by some very seriously equipped photographers. All very professional to be sure!
At one point we came to this couple on one side of the path we were on and the photographer on the other side. My wife and I waited for a few moments while the photographer took a few more pictures after which we were welcomed to walk through the shoot. On our way through I motioned to the newlyweds that I would like to take their picture, they were delighted and posed nicely for this photo.
How's that for a "Shot of opportunity" LOL!


  1. Well done. Perfect background to know where they are!

  2. The background is perfect. That must be a spot the photographers use a lot.

    You did a pretty good job for a "shot of opportunity". I guess being in the right spot at the right time paid off!

  3. Beautiful photo and couple. =)

  4. Perfect background,and the lighting! Good job on the exposure on her dress, I can see the details on her dress.

    After about 40 weedings under my belt, I normally stay away something like this while I'm on a vacation.

  5. Nice place for wedding pics. A "TOAST" with my morning coffee cup to them!


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