Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Spotted these girls on the other side of a canyon while taking a morning hike. I  just sit down and watched them for a good while when all of a sudden they began staring intently behind them. Some percieved danger had their full attention!

Using my binoculars I was never able to locate what had them so nervous. This activity went on for a good ten minutes before I stood and gave a loud whistle. All eyes and ears, even the two headed doe, were on me!

A couple of arm waves and the whole bunch were High Tailing it to the top of the ridge and out of sight in just a moment or two!

Pics were taken at 200mm focal length and all were extremely cropped! Poor quality photos but were lots of fun taking!


  1. they're so beautiful in that field of rich-colored grasses!

  2. I love seeing wildlife while out on a a hike. Nice shots.

  3. Two headed doe, that's a great shot!!

    I agree with texwisgirl, the color of the grass really adds to the photos.

  4. The first two photos just like a painting. I don't think is a poor quality at all. Good Work!

  5. First of all, very nice pictures! Especially knowing that they are extremely cropped.

    Secondly I have to admit that though I have used the term "High tailing" in conversation many times over the years I never knew where the expression came from until just now!


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