Friday, October 19, 2012

A couple of timeless photos

I rarely take people pictures, I'm not comfortable with it for some reason. Took these two pictures at a recent family reunion of a favorite Uncle and a couple of young Cousins. Guess when the people are family I'm a little more comfortable taking their pictures.

Both of these pictures looked like they could be from just about any time in the last 70 or 80 years so I turned them both B&W.


  1. I think your right, both of these photos could be from the last 70-80 years. Black and white was a good choice.

    I'm with you on taking people pictures. I'm always afraid I'm not going to do them justice. The only time I have taken people pictures is from behind tinted windows when they didn't know I was there. LOL

  2. love those little girls. so cute. i like your uncle's face, too. either could be norman rockwell material.

  3. Both of these shots are amazing! You do have a good touch on the B&W photos. I might have to look into the NIK software "silver effect".


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