Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Found myself near the local airport last weekend and took several pictures of this plane landing. A few days later I finally got around to looking at the pictures I'd taken and found this!

This bright object appears in several of the photos but always in a different location relative to the airplane which to me rules out lens flare from the planes landing lights.

Anyone have any logical explanation what this might be? Guess if we can't identify it then the only thing left would be to call it a U.F.O.


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    1. Hmm... Good theory, never thought of that.

      Trouble with that theory is that where they launch their weather balloons at is quite a distance from where this picture was taken and there wasn't enough wind that day to move a balloon that far and still be that close to the ground.

  2. It is a reflection of something what it is hard to say.

    Hmmmmmm brings a good question of thought.

    So far you have two thoughts here.

    Like I have a picture of those wild mushrooms in a circle on the lawn

    around a pine tree.

    I looked it up in Googles Search. It said Fairy's of mushrooms. You

    dont want to hear the rest. itis mind boggling tosay the least. Ha,ha.

    So I go Really.

    You say. Maybe U.F.O's. Imagination can be it. For both of us.

    Knowing our mysteries we find taking picture.

    Nice clear plane shots though. I love the ride in a plane.

  3. Paul I have had similar objects appear before on some of my photos. One I can recall of is a long exposure on night photo of the moon. I think that it might be a reflection of the light between the UV filter, if you have one, and the regular camera lens. I will post the photo. If you look at the right side landing light, it looks like it is shining directly in to the camera which might be making the light.

    1. Good call Aaron, I think you have the answer... I definitely have a UV filter on the lens I was using that day. I'll have to Google this and see if there are any picture examples of this on the internet.

  4. I would agree with Aaron. The starburst in the object appears to be the same as the light on the plane. I would guess that it is caused by the light and because of the UV filter and the lens being aligned just right with the light at the time.

    Me, I would have just called it a UFO. LOL!

  5. Hmmmmmmmmmm! Believe it or Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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