Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shaken not stirred...

Got a little side tracked last night just after 8:00 as I was going to post this foggy sunrise picture... Suddenly and without warning the whole house began to shake, not a whole bunch but plenty enough to get our attention, we were having an earthquake and it went on for 15 or 20 seconds! One little problem with living on the West Coast is that any time there is an earthquake there is the potential for a tsunami to follow...

Sure enough within a few minutes the marine radio we monitor blares the "we-ou-we-ou-we-ou" alert sound followed by an announcement by the Coast Guard that there had been a magnitude 7.7 earthquake near the Queen Charlotte Islands 200 miles North of here and a Tsunami was expected in a number of coastal areas including where we live on Northern Vancouver Island!

Long and short of, anyone and everyone in the many towns, villages, logging and fishing camps along 500 miles of coast line had to get themselves well above sea level as quickly as possible. A few hours later this same scenario would repeat it's self on the Hawaiian Islands as everyone was evacuated from the low lying areas before the expected arrival time of the tsunami waves.

Several hours later after the waves had passed the tsunami warning was lifted and though there was a small tsunami (less than 2 feet) here on the West Coast and in Hawaii there was no loss of life and little damage that I've heard of. We were lucky this time! Like the title says "Shaken not stirred".


  1. that is not something i'd want to have to worry about. yikes! but i guess you manage for the beauty. :)

    1. Tex in the last 50 years there have been 4 occasions I can recall where people have had to evacuate to higher ground after an earthquake. Except for the big earthquake and tidal wave in 1964 everything else has turned out to be a non event thankfully.

  2. I'm glad that wasn't serious. Did those dogs gives you any sign before the earthquake?

  3. That's a good question, did the dogs give you any warning?

    I have only been through one quake and it wasn't really anything to speak of but it can sure make you think when things start rattling. I don't think I would like the idea of a tsunami, no matter how small.

    Glad everything was alright for you.

  4. Did the dogs give any forewarning to the earthquake? No they did not! I was a little surprised actually, you hear so many stories about how animals are so much more sensitive to this sort of thing...

  5. I thought of you and your Family when I heard of this. Sure glad nothing serious developed!

    I sure like that foggy sunrise pic. The golden hues of the sun dispersed by the fog are a special color!


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