Monday, October 15, 2012

Cinnamon Sky

Grabbed a to go cup of coffee and my camera bag. Was out the door of the RV before daylight on my way to a pulloff spot where I had a good view of the skies over the Wichita Mountains. Capturing a Sunrise was the objective and after only a few sips of the black coffee the fast rise of the sun began!

Cinnamon Sky
In less than five minutes the glowing globe seemed to be just comfortably sitting on a cloud and thinking about the twenty four hour journey it was starting. Seems to me that when the Sun sits and thinks, the Heavens take on a Cinnamon color in appearance!
Moonset Over Elk Mountain
After the sunrise shoot all I had to do was pivot the monopod a hundred and eighty degrees to the west to see the sun illuminating the grasses, trees, and Elk Mountain. The full moon was still high in the sky. Seemed to be daring the sun to try and catch it!
Trailer is all packed and loaded. Hope to leave by noon tomorrow. Time to re-start my original plans. Ron and 'Q'--Will see you guys next week at Doris Campgrounds!


  1. normally i'd want to head into that 3rd photo. tonight, i'd just stay in the 2nd one.

    happy and safe travels!

  2. Interesting sky color on the first two photos, I like the way you framed the second photo as a panorama.

    Safe travels!

  3. All three very nice shots. I am with Paul and Tex, great color in the sky on the second photo.

    See you next Wednesday. We will be leaving early so should arrive around 3 or 4 p.m. Watch out for the wild animals!

  4. Well I'm jealous I want to go!!! Lovely sunset photos. :) y'all have fun and take looks of pictures.

  5. I like those shots and I love your adventure in catching them. Is there anything better than that? Where are you now? Would love to see some of your new photos!

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