Sunday, October 14, 2012

After the storm

Being dubbed the "Sunset Wizard" by Tex I felt I needed to live up to my name however, this is actually a sunrise. This was taken the other morning after the thunderstorms had moved through and the clouds were slowly sliding away. Two sunrises in one week, I must be losing my mind. LOL

For those of you interested, this was taken with the Nikon P7700 set on aperture priority at f8 handheld. As a side note, I checked the file size on the RAW or NRW version of this photo and it was 25.5 MB. The JPEG version was only 4.06 MB. The RAW file was converted in Nikon's View NX2 and then the photo post processed in Photoshop CS5 using the NIK software.


  1. that is really cool! even for a sunrise. ;)

  2. complimenti ragazzi!!! siete davvero un team vincente!

  3. Like the way the early morning sun forms a background for all the small passing clouds. Makes me think I'm viewing a place where clouds are made and formed!

    Two in one week!LOL

  4. Great capture Ron! Nice colors!

  5. Hey buddy! Not sure you know about downloading the preset filters on NIK software website! Follow this link

    Make sure not to download those filters from HDR effect pro 2, unless you're already upgraded to version 2. Also, read the instructions how to download these filters before you do anything.

    1. Read the instructions?? I'm a man, I don't need no stinking instructions! LOL

      Thanks for the info on the filters Q! They have been downloaded and imported and ready for use. Now I just need a photo!

  6. You need instruction. I dont think so. What I see from your Photography.

    You have my attention and everyones .

    Love them all.


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