Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good Start But a GREAT Finish!!!

    With young kids as all you know they tend to have a mind and internal alarm clock all to their own. My 5 year old son is no different, he woke me up well before sunrise yesterday and I just couldn't get back to sleep. So peering out through the window I noticed a few clouds on the horizon and said what the heck, I might as well go take a few photos. These two photos were taken along side a rural gravel road a short distance outside of town.

As Ron said the sunset yesterday here was absolutely amazing. I was lucky enough to go down to the pond near his house and take a few photos, while Cheryl and him watch the kids (oh yeah thanks dad).  My wife went with me to take photos and the first photo is one that she seen from the bridge that crosses the pond. So not wanting to waste time I grabbed the tripod and camera and sprinted back around the pond to take from the middle of the bridge.
 This photo Ron helped me edit this photo using two different exposures and overlaying them in the Photoshop and a little post processing with the NIK editing program.

The bottom photo is a 3 shot panorama that I combined using Photoshops photomerge feature and a little post processing.


  1. Gorgeous results for your hard work!

  2. Man, those really suck!! LOL!!!

    Next time we leave your wife with the kids and I go with you to take photos. :~)

    Good job! Nice stitching on the panorama.

  3. i'm laughing at ron's suggestion. sunset kid might just fit. :)

  4. Sunrises and sunsets all in one post! This might be a tough act to follow for your Dad! LOL

    These all came out great though the photo that you and your Dad collaborated on (second to last picture) is definitely a keeper, nice work!

  5. Yeah, It's hard to get out to take pictures when you have a small kids, I have been there, and done that, and still having a same problem. I agreed with Paul on the second to last picture. Great work, and keep shooting.


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