Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Bad Whale Photos

I knew when I took these they wouldn't be good photos. It was late in the day and I was shooting into the sun and the whale was waaaay out there but this whale had been taunting me for 30 minutes, jumping and waving like he knew I was there, so I took some shots. The only reason I kept them is because the whale did a 180 degree spin while jumping.

I think next time I just need to rent a paddle board and go sit in the middle of the ocean all day with my camera.


  1. yeah, you do that. :) make sure at least the camera is insured so your wife can collect that money when you're not found... :)

  2. Bad bad whale, very bad whale! What did it do wrong again?

    Great shots even if the whale wouldn't come in a little closer!

  3. Even though they are in the distance, still a Twist&Shout moment I would think!


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