Friday, February 14, 2014


These are probably the best whale photos I got this trip. I think the whales are my nemesis. I just haven't gotten the shots I want and I may not be able to get them in once a year trip. I WILL keep trying though!


  1. In search of the perfect shot......good excuse to come back!!!

  2. Neat shots my friend. Just getting to see them is a treat in itself.

  3. These are pretty close to perfect if you ask me, love that last compilation picture!

    What you really need to get the perfect whale picture is an f 2.8 1200mm lens, a 2x teleconverter, a gyro stabilized tripod and a 6 week.. make that 6 month holiday in Maui!

    1. Thanks Paul!

      I bet that if I had six months on Maui to do nothing but take photos I could get that perfect shot with the equipment I already have. If I didn't get the shot then I probably would be so relaxed after six months on Maui that I wouldn't care! LOL


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