Monday, February 3, 2014

Valleys of coral

I talked with a couple of underwater photographers on Maui and they gave me a couple of new places to take photos. We had a few days of really clear water so I ended up with some pretty decent photos.
I was surprised at both of these locations. You can drive to them both, park for free and walk right out into the water. There were several of the snorkel and scuba boats that would take you to the exact same spots but charge you $75-$90 each. A little research and talking to the right people will save you lots of money.


  1. These came out nice. Finding a new place by word of mouth sure saves some of those vacation dollars!

  2. Each year you come back with more beautiful pictures than the year before if such a thing is possible, finding such a diverse location to photograph is an added bonus. All real nice clear pictures!

  3. Oh yes, info from local is da best!! The picture of the humahuma is so clear. My Ron got bit by one out snorkeling a couple months ago, crazy fish!!!


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