Monday, February 24, 2014

The Guardian

Capitol Visit

Keeping Watch
Topping out the Capitol buildings dome is a 22 foot bronze statue named "The Guardian". One of our native sons, Enoch Kelly Haney, was the sculptor.

"...I am the Guardian..."
E. Kelly Haney

Master Artist of The Five Civilized Tribes, Mr. Haney is an enrolled member of the Seminole Nation. He also has served as the Principal Chief of that Tribe and a four year term in the Oklahoma Legislature.

Lifted to it's permanent position on June 7, 2002, sculptor Enoch Kelly Haney gave voice to his creation. A small quote from his speech I give below;

"...I will stand guard here, over our great state, over our majestic land, over our values. My lance pierces my legging and is planted in the ground. I will not be moved from my duty, from my love of Oklahoma and all of its people...I will stand my ground, and I will not be moved..From this day on, I will stand guard. I will stand strong and be proud of Oklahoma, our home." 


  1. That is one beautiful sculpture.

  2. Powerful words, beautiful sculpture!

  3. Nice piece of history Parker. I didn't realize the dome and sculpture were that new to the capital. I guess I've been gone too long.

  4. You are a man with a wonderful story on every of your photos. Nice shot!

  5. That's a very strong statement and involves strength of all kinds.


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