Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Sunset Wizard at work

I know how much Tex just loves Hawaiian sunsets so I thought I would give her two! LOL

These shots were taken about two minutes apart with the sun setting behind Lana'i. Both are HDR images.


  1. even before i saw your little note to/about me, i was ready to comment, 'blah di blah blah blah'. :)

  2. Well I like it, because of where we live on this island we don't see the sunsets everyday....sunrises on the other hand are a plenty!!
    P.s. The humahuma I told you about yesterday was a pesky little fish. Believe it or no the fish left a bite mark!! I'll see if I can find the shot. So it's not just sharks to be concerned about!! LOL

  3. That's a perfect spot to capture the sunset. Nice shot!

  4. Wow, both really great captures!

  5. Q said it well. Good location to capture the sunset!


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