Friday, February 7, 2014

One more Banyan Tree

I took photos of the banyan tree from several different angles while I was there. I didn't think I would be getting up early enough again to come back. Little did I know I had several days I could have photographed the tree early in the morning.

I think this is my favorite view of the tree.


  1. really neat.

    i just watched the movie, 'the descendants' and saw one scene with a banyon tree in it. :)

  2. Wow, well done! You got allot into this shot.
    Were you using your Sigma 10-20 for this picture?

    1. Once I went full frame Aaron has been using the Sigma 10-20mm. This was taken with a Nikon 16mm fisheye lens.

  3. That old tree is just dripping with character! You have captured it well!

  4. Fantastic capture, Ron! The Banyan Tree is spectacular!!


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