Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Rocks and weeds Photos.

After 14 days eat, and sleep on these rocks, I'm getting tired to look at these rocks, and weeds from my pictures. I think it's time to go to Hawaii, anyone want to go? I buy you all the dinks at Duke's.


  1. Lots of nice colors. Clouds are dramatic.

  2. All three of these are really nice. I'm torn between the bottom two though, I can't decide if I like the color better than the sepia. Maybe I will flip a coin! LOL

    Hawaii you say???? I'd love to but it looks like it's going to be next year before I get to go again. It really sucks having to work for a living. I need to be retired like Parker!

  3. I like the drama in the clouds! I think I enjoy the color photo more because the color adds to the drama. I'm for Hawaii! Where do I sign on? If I were going to push my photos up a level, what would you recommend I do? Levonne's Pretty Pics

  4. For my two cents, I would say lenses and technique. Learn more about what your camera can actually do and then play with all the settings to see what happens. The best thing about digital is it doesn't cost anything to shoot the photos once you have the camera.

    Play, play, play and see what does what.

  5. Hi Levonne,

    No one have ask me this question before, I'm still scratching my head, and thinking what's the correct answer to your question. I'm an amature photographer, and I have no photography schooling before, so therefore I could lead you to a wrong direction. However, I'm going to do my best to give some of my advices that I have try to improve myself in the past years.

    I have viewed all of your photos, it seems to me that you are interesting in street, and nature photography. You do have an eye for landscape photography, and your skill have improved a lot by looking the photos from older post until now.

    I agreed with Ron that you have to know your photography gears first, and technique. But, you already have that under your belt. However, in digital photography everyone need to know one of most important thing is photoshop. Once, you are an expert in photoshop, you don't need those pro expensive camera gears.

    If you are comfortable with your camera, and you have shooting in Auto mode for years. Now it's time to get out that mode, and step in advance photographer world by using Manual mode. Using manual mode will give you a lot of options to control your camera in difficult situations. But, you are going to need some time to prep your camera gears in whatever situation you are in. Once, you have done all of this prep, and you are not satisfy with your result. Come back the same location, make some adjustments, and shoot again. That's most of professional photographer do, unless you have a natural talent in photography.

    All the photography manufacture companies, they do make lenses for different type of shooting. Please do some research wich one will suitable for your needs. If you can affort a pro grade lenses, please do so.

    When I attempt to shoot Nature on my trip, I normally pack my wide-angle zoom lens, as long the lens will provide you maximum angle of view between 75-80 degree in DX mode. Fiters such as Circular Polarizing filter to give me deeper blue sky, and couple of Neutral Density filters to smoothing water movement in water falls, and river.

    Here's are some of the things I need to prepare my self when I shoot Nature. You have to have a tripod, I know some of those guys in this blog love to hear me to say that again. LOL.

    1. Time shooting Sunset or Sunrise.

    2. Composition rules, have something in the foreground that leads to the background.

    3. Set the aperture between f/16 to f/22. If I shoot in the midle of the day, and the lighting is too harsh, I will need a CP filter on my lens. Please keep in mind that Polarizers dramatically reduce the amount of light reaching the camera's sensor—often by 2-3 f-stops (1/4 to 1/8 the amount of light). This means that the risk of a blurred handheld image goes up dramatically, and may make some action shots prohibitive.

    Ain't that easy!

    Sorry for the long post, I hope I answer your question, and happy shooting.

  6. Sticks and dirt you say... I say three more beautiful examples of your amazing photographs!
    Hawaii? Sooo tempting! Like Ron I'm working but looking forward to having a little more freedom in the coming years.
    Quynh your reply to Levonnes question was excellent! Your advice is applicable to photographers of all levels.


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