Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new shooter

I think I need to open a camera shop!

Aaron's birthday is this month so we gave him a Nikon D80 with a battery grip and a couple of lenses so he could learn to shoot like the big boys. My wife decided at about the same time that she would like to start getting a little more serious about photography and wanted something other than a point and shoot so I invested in another Nikon D80 with an 18-55 VR lens and a bag for her. Now she keeps wanting to use my lenses so I am going to need to get her some of her own!

Cheryl is still figuring out the D80 but she wants to start posting some of her photos on the blog once she really starts taking some so here in the next couple of weeks you will be seeing some photos from her and hopefully from the son if he ever comes home from deer hunting. LOL


  1. This is great news! Will be nice to see new perspectives and compositions from Cheryl's eye.

    Also will be interesting to see what a younger person as Aaron sees thru his viewfinder!

    Would you all adopt me in you family? I would like a D80 also! LOL

  2. Welcome Cheryl! I hope you read the fine print before you signed up... What fine print you might ask? It's the part where the first one of us to win the lottery has to pay everyones elses way to Hawaii for one week of photography lessons by Quynh! LOL

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

  3. A big WELCOME to Cheryl!

    Ron, it's nice to hear everyone in your family interesting in photography. I'm glag to see more names in the Shooters section of this blog, and hopefully I see a D3s or D3X added to your name in the near future.

    Paul, Hawaii trip sound really good to me, but you guys don't need photography lessons from me. I'm considering you, Ron, and Parker are advance photographer, all you need is some nice pro lenses, and a couple D3's series, this should take care all of the unknowns.


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