Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Tower at Jed Johnson Lake was built in 1941. I agree with Ron that it looks like a Scottish Castle.
A most interesting hike to get there one must climb a gentle approach to reach the base. When I made the hike in early spring there were a couple of springs running that added interest to the venture.
When built the structure had a full roof over it. I spoke to a some relatives in their 80's who told me they used to go up in the Tower and the view was great! One who was a Boy Scout told me that they used to have campouts in a camp about half way up the trail. I found traces of this camp some 65yrs later.

When asked about the Loch Ness was told by the Boy Scout that one time Nessie might have been seen, but wasn't sure because the Bootleggers son had brought a quart of a fine tasting clear liquid that he called "Shine" to the campout. As far as he was concerned the Buffalo might have grown wings and Flyed! ( True Story!)
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  1. Now here is a tesitiment to good stone masonery!

    Parker you're getting pretty good with that camera of yours, these are real nice pictures, and as always a good narative to go with!

  2. Good control on the lighting Parker, specially shooting in front of the Sun. Good Work!


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