Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Camera

Ron is right I am a avid hunter. Although I didn't get a chance to shoot a big buck today I made sure to take my camera and do a little different type of shooting with my new D80, that the best dad in the whole world gave my for my birtrhday! After I got done hunting today I took sometime to do some walking around. I really liked this shot with all the leaves changing against the blue sky. It has been pretty windy here so there aren't many leaves left on the trees. I hope to learn all the new tricks and features to the new camera and I have already started a wish list for accesories for it.


  1. Aaron it is nice to see you posting. Nice pic of the changing fall colors.

    That sure looks like a good place for a buck to be coming to water!

  2. Happy birthday, what an exelent gift, you're going to have fun learning the D80!

    Nice picture too by the way. Gotta love those fall colours.

  3. Have fun with your camera. I have enjoyed my SLR cameras continuously for over thirty years. I'm just learning what a difference higher quality lenses can make.

  4. Now you're just sucking up, you shouldn;t have mentioned the list of accessories! I am going to have to buy a camera shop! LOL

    Nice shot. I hope you had your water proof boots on!

  5. Congratulation on your new camera. D80 it's a very nice camera, you going to have a lot of fun with it. Just make sure to read the manual to get all the bell and whistle in your camera.

    Now your Papa need to get a D3s or D3X for his Christmas presents, so he can hand it down to you by the end next year.

    I like your photo a lot, especially the angle of this photo. Nice job including the sky on this one. It seems to me you have natural talent on photography or you Papa have teach you well.

    Looking forward to see more of your photos soon.

  6. I like your way of thinking Q but I'm going to have to win the lottery before I can get a D3x. I might swing a D700 before the end of the year though.


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