Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I took this picture while waiting for the storm to pass.

Again, he won the race up to the mountain again.


  1. Two more exceptional shots! The bottom photo is proof that photographers travel in packs! LOL

  2. Very unique rock formations in first photo. Looks like rib bones of whale or dinosaur. Great spot to watch a storm pass!

  3. Both of these are really great but I have to admit the top one is my favorite! It looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Are you sure you weren't on the moon when you took this (or maybe on the set they used for the moon landing! LOL)

  4. Now that you mention it the top photo does look like an alien land scape, especially the subtile H.R. Giger like textures in the overhanging wall.

    What do you mean "Set used for the moon landing"? Was that whole moon landing thing a hoax? I always wondered how they filmed Niel stepping onto the moon and who stayed behind to film the L.E.M. taking off when they left. LOL

  5. Many gorgeous photos of your trip! I'm enjoying great nature.


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