Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Quanah Parker Lake and Dam is a much photographed spot. But if one gets up early before the wind begins to stir sometimes he gets to capture a Pic or two of Still Waters.
This protected cove from the wind is where he wants to head. I've always heard that Still Waters run the deepest.
From the looks of these buoys standing on their heads, protecting the Dam and watercraft, I believe that is a true statement.
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  1. Wow that is still water! Such a rich deep blue reflection too!

    I like the middle photograph best as it seems to have the best reflection of the three. Nice shooting.

  2. All three are excellent photos! Very nice reflections but I think the middle one is my favorite.

    Now all you need is the waders we were talking about and you can get some really close up water shots! LOL

  3. These are an excellent photos. What you need now is some birds hovering on top of this lake. Good work!


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