Saturday, October 2, 2010

Woolly Bear Caterpillar

The folklore connected with woolly bears says that the width of the orange-brown band is known to predict the winter to come: if it is narrower than the black bands, it will be a severe winter. If it is broader than the black bands, the winter will be mild. Some claim that the woolly bear’s forecast is up to 80% accurate.

This is taken quite seriously in parts of the US. In fact, a woolly bear festival takes place every year in Vermilion, Ohio, reputed to be the largest one-day festival of that state. Festivities include a parade, woolly bear races, and an official analysis of the woolly bear’s forecast for the winter.

Took this picture hand held with the Sigma 120-400 from about 5 feet away at 400mm.


  1. Very nice commentary and photo. Great detail and colors!

    It looks like you may be in for a really crappy winter!

  2. After learning that these little guys could predict the winter to come I looked at this and several other pictures I had taken. For the life of me I couldn't figure out if the stripe was longer, shorter or the same! LOL
    Acording to Environment Canada however we are being told to expect a colder and wetter than normal winter here on the West Coast.

  3. Good job on the photo and commentary! I always enjoy the story behind the Pic!

    According to EC looks like you better cut another rick or two of wood before winter!


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