Friday, October 15, 2010

Still on vacation

Parker has decided to stay a little while longer, twice now, so he has been getting to see several things he has never seen before. We took a little hike into "the interior" a few days ago and this is him and our other cohorts scanning the distant rocks.

Because of the type of hike this is I tried to trim down to the lightest pack I could (right around 30 pounds)  which meant leaving the D300 and the D80 behind. I carried in my underwater camera (without the underwater housing) since it is a small and light point and shoot. The fact it is a point and shoot shows but I wanted to post something since I haven't been out shooting with my "real" camera lately.

Parker is wanting to get back soon to post some of his photos but even he didn't carry a camera on this trip. Everybody else's packs only weighed about 10 pounds. I guess I'm hiking with a bunch of wussies! LOL


  1. It looks like you guys had a good time on the trail. You are the man I'm looking for to carry my camera gears on my next trip. But, please don't call me a wussies, just call me a slave driver. LOL

  2. 30 lbs. and all you had was a point and shoot? What are you carrying around a bunch of cast iron cook ware or something! LOL.

    Can't wait to see Parker's pictures if he ever comes back from being on holiday... I sure am looking forward to being old like Parker so I can go on holiday too! LOL

  3. Slave driver? I know all about that, I am married after all! LOL

    Quyhn Le, I'd have to find a bigger and better pack to carry all of your stuff and mine too, maybe something with wheels on it!

    Paul, when it comes to hiking and being 2-3 miles from the car I like to be prepared, so much so that I carry some redundant systems like an extra flashlight if my first one stops working but then I carry extra batteries for both flashlights, survival gear, first aid gear, ax, hammer, saw, gps, compass, food, water....

  4. Hey! It was a long snakey route to where we were going, and a lot longer way back! LOL


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