Sunday, April 10, 2011

As promised....

A round for the house! Too bad you guys weren't here last night, they were maika'i (pronounced my-ka-ee or good)!

Playing with NX2 and Elements.


  1. Yeah Thanks for sharing! You need to make sure make me one of those drink next time. I have been to Hawaii 10 times, and never seen a Hula dancer on the beach before. This is a rare photos for a tourist.

  2. And a clink of the glass to you! Nifty looking glasses.

    Nice pic from Nx2 & Elements. I saw one of those dancers in the back window of a car that I was following the other day. LOL

  3. Q, I would be happy to make you a drink or three the next time you are here. You too Parker if you think you can stomach a fruity type drink instead of your usual! LOL

    The glasses came from a Red Robin restaraunt in Kansas City. When I saw them I had to have a couple and bought them from the restaraunt. I also conned them out of their mai tai recipe which is one of the best I have ever had.

  4. Thanks, but only one, and it would need an Umbrella! LOL

  5. Oh don't you worry, I will make sure to have some little umbrellas on hand just for you! LOL

  6. Very cool glasses or mugs or whatever they are!

    My first thought when I saw the hula dancer is that the background sure looks famaliar... Hmm


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