Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

My Wife, Son and I took the dogs up to the lake this afternoon and had an Easter wennie roast... As you can see my son had the dogs undivided attention! LOL

So I'm back to taking notes and pictures for the water line replacement going on in the nearby town of Port McNeill, sounds like it will go on most of the summer and I get paid to take pictures! This added to the other jobs I do make for a long day but what the heck "Make hay while the sun shines" as the saying goes.


  1. It's a good day to cookout with the family. I had a Crawfish boil in my backyard today, I forgot to take some picture. However, the season is still going for another month, I make sure take some picture next time.
    It seems to me that you have a lot of mouth to feed there. Those dogs are so cute. Nice capture!

  2. Getting paid to take pictures, what a gig! Maybe you should by a GPS attachment for the D90 and then you won't have to take so many notes!

    The dogs look very well behaved for sitting around a man with food in his hand. My dogs would have already knocked him down and taken that food! LOL

  3. The "Dog Whisperer" with his pack.

    How sweet to take pics and get paid!


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