Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blue Hawaii, er, I mean, sunset!

So I'm sitting here in my Hawaiian shirt thinking about spam. OK, not really, but I am wearing a Hawaiian shirt and thinking about mai tai's, the ocean, mahi mahi...
You get the idea.

I was going to rework another Hawaii photo but I decided I didn't want to bore eveyone with my obsession so I posted this one instead. I took this the night of the super moon from out in front of the little booth I work in. I thought the clouds and sky made a good contrast and the blue was pretty amazing, at least to me anyway.


  1. You are getting really good at this. I hope we meet again soon, and I hope you will teach me some of your new tricks on NX2. By the way nice photo!

  2. The contrast between the horizon and the blue sky is a real eyecatcher I also like the shadows cast by the clouds up into the sky!

  3. I am Happy to report that my Spam fix was taken care of last evening along with a bowl of Campbell's Tomato Soup!

    If this nice photo is an indication of the work done while wearing your Hawaiian Shirt, you have found your Inspiration! LOL


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