Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Had the strangest craving today...

So I made some Spam Musubi for dinner! But I didn't think about Hawaii, not once, no siree not me...


  1. By the way I made one for each of us but because none of you were here and because I hate seeing delicious food go to waste I did my duty and ate yours too! LOL

  2. Well Paul that was very thoughtful of you. Thanks for stepping up and not let any go to waste! I love Spam Sandwiches but will have Google Musubi to see what that is? You made me go to the pantry to check and see if I had a can. Yep a big can, Spam for lunch tomorrow!LOL

  3. You got to be kidding me right? That's not nice at all! Most of the time we have to stop by Big save store to get a few of these Musubi before heading out to the beach. I bet yours taste better than the one I ate. I'm with Parker, Spam for lunch tomorrow is good for me.

  4. I'm with Parker on this one, I had to look up what musubi was. I could go for the spam and rice as long as the spam was fried and I had some soy sauce for the rice but you can keep the seaweed. LOL

    Something the master cook Q told Cheryl about was the kind of rice he uses. It has a different flavor than the standard rice we always cooked and I thought it was something he was doing to it. Turns out he uses jasmine rice. It does make a difference and has a really good flavor. We switched to the jasmine rice and love it. Wal-Mart even sells it! You might try that the next time you have a hankering for spam musubi (or just rice).

    Oh yea, thanks for thinking about the rest of us. I'll remember that the next time I whip up a batch of mai tais!

  5. Hawaii??? I can't imagine anyone thinking about Hawaii!! LOL

    Q will be the first back and I'm sure he will have some really nice photos to put a smile on our faces.


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