Monday, November 4, 2013

Backyard Color

A colorful fall is beginning to take shape here in central Oklahoma. This plum tree and crape myrtle tree are giving us quite a show outside the sunroom windows. They are always the first to reach peak color and lose their leaves in our yard. I enjoy how the colors complement each other!


  1. The colors are nice and bright and blend right in with your bird feeder.

  2. Lovely photo ! Most of our trees here in our valley are bare just the odd few with colorful leaves . The mornings have been frosty so out I am in the early morns taking photos as the sun is rising over the valley and the frost twinkles over everything ! Have a good day !

  3. You have the most amazing and diverse backyard, beautiful autumn colors on both of these trees!

  4. I agree with the previous comments. So beautiful and a wide range of colors too!

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