Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Color Along Route 66

Follow the Path
The good folks at the First Baptist Church (yellow bldg. at top of hill) created this Prayer Park a few years back. Located on Main Street, which is also Rt.66, it occupies lots where once old homes stood.

Ablaze In Color
Mixing mostly new trees with shrubs and flowers, along with a few remaining old trees; the Park comes alive in autumn when the Sugar Maples put on their fiery show.

Familiar Old Cedar
While walking around shooting pictures I thought of my long gone Aunt and Uncle. They once lived in a house on one of these lots. They had front row seats to all the comings and goings along the Mother Road!

 If I remember right; this old cedar marked the west side of their property. Hard working folks. Bet they never gave a thought that one day a small well manicured Park would be built on this property. Let alone a bench for sitting!


  1. Beautiful park, good that they were able to include many of the existing well developed trees with what they added.

    Must have been interesting to revisit the site of your Aunt and Uncles old place in it's new incarnation as a park!

  2. You've got a wonderful post today! Thanks!

  3. Great colors! I really like that second shot with the red tree in the background and the pinkish-red flowers dotting the foreground.

    The park is a good thing and a sad thing. It's sad to think that some of your family history is now a park but things change I guess.

  4. awww. that's really a nice use of formerly residential space. sweet memories, too.

  5. It is a spendid idea for walking and reflecting. Gives one permission to meditate in extremely pleasant surroundings. Your aunt and uncle have a terrific natural memorial. Who could ask for anything better?!

  6. Very colorful area, and nice captures. I wish I could make a trip to camp Doris during this time of the year.


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