Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seeing Red

Peak Color
Caught the Sugar Maples in their prime autumn showing of red.

Hot to the Touch
Seems this year the colors were more vibrant than ever. Of course I tend to say that most years when the leaves hit a hot red color! 


  1. WoW! Those are bright!! You did a good job capturing the color. Hopefully it doesn't snow on the red trees this week.

  2. Our fall this year was so short-lived, so I thank you for sharing your vivid sights. How wonderful and Red Hot!
    Life's Beautiful

  3. You sure did catch these at their peak color! Must be quite a sight to see a whole hillside or forest of these Sugar Maples.

  4. I thought the colors here in Michigan really were especially good this year. Love your maples!

  5. Sometimes we are surprised by the brilliant autumn colors, but it always feels so great to visualize those colorful leaves again each season.


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