Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sun Touches-two

South Crossing of Turtle Creek
One of my favorite places to walk in the park is along the wooded path of Turtle Creek. This is the trail of sun touched wonders!

Alligator Bark
On this days walk, the sun pointed my lens to the rough bark of a tree that reminded me of  the hide of an alligator!

Tangled View
The banks of Turtle Creek are steep as well as deep. Tree lined along with a heavy undergrowth of tangled brush, a rare view of the creek itself. A touch from the sun highlights the glimpses!

Any tree that has peeling bark surely makes me wonder. Winter is coming on and here you are shedding your protective coat? A sun touched mystery!

North Crossing
Just before coming upon Mulveys Pond, one can either cross over to the west side of the creek or continue on to where you will be touched by full sunlight. Today I choose the high road. In these cooler months the warmth of the full sun becomes a wonder in itself!

Sun Touches


  1. Perfect time of year for these kinds of shots.

  2. Nice woodsy group of pictures, looks like a perfect place to explore with a camera!

  3. All of these photos are touched by nature's shine. I like the ways in which you capture moments of nature on your walks.


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