Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Colorful Nandina with Berries

Abundance of Berries
This seems to be the year of a prolific growing season for the plants that produce the fruits and berries around my parts here in Oklahoma. Even my fellow blogger Paul, up Vancouver Island way, commented he was noticing an abundance of berries in his neck of the woods. Sign of a bad winter? Lets hope not!

Color for All Seasons
The Nandina seems to be a perfect fit for our tastes in foliage. The berries provide color during the winter as do the leaves. Spring brings pink to rusty colored leaves with white blooms. In the summer when it's 110F the leaves are green as are the berries. Late fall is what you see above. Red to orange berries with colorful leaves.

Sun Lover
When the sun is high overhead in the summer the clumps of green berries will reach out and away from the bush from which they grow. Fall and winter their color changes. Making them stand out with purpose!

Mingling with The Ivy
I have never counted how many Nandina bushes are planted in the backyard, let alone the front. Things of beauty are to be enjoyed, not counted! One of my favorite spots to view a planting, is where the Carolina Jasmine and the Nandina share an old fence which can be seen from the screened porch. Where all but the coldest of days, I indulge in a dream or two!


  1. they're really beautiful. sure hope the birds will feast well.

  2. What a beautiful plant, not only are the berries red but so is the new growth and stems which contrasts nicely with the green foliage!
    I'm thinking your back yard must be at least 2 acres judging by the pictures of the numerous plants and decorations I've seen posted on this site over the past couple of years...

    1. Paul, actually it is pretty small but there is just a lot of fence line containing our large corner lot. Charlotte has the knack of utilizing the space well. The largest part of the yard is on the north where I have a pad for the 5th wheel and a workshop.
      Two acres? Thank goodness it's not as there is to much to take care of now!

  3. Color in any shape or form adds a lightness and joy to life. For the birds, it's not only a welcome sight but sustenance. Your photos display the colors and abundance very well. I love to see the birds flitting around our crabapple tree in our front yard, too.

  4. Daydreaming?? Surely not! LOL

    Great colors in your backyard and like you, I hope the berries aren't foretelling something bad this winter.

  5. Oh such nice pictures of beeries along with the pretty greenery. I know I am 18 hours late here. Honest not enough hours to look and I hate to leave people out.


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