Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One more sunset

For now anyway!
This is an HDR image made from five shots taken at a nearby lake. For the one or two of you that might be interested, this was taken with the Nikon D800 and after stacking the five images the file size was 1.24 GB!


  1. Excellent job of putting this pic together. One sharp photo it is!

  2. looks tropical and exotic - not what i'd expect from kansas. :)

  3. Beautiful. Now what do you mean by stacking?

  4. camera settings and stacking...exactly what I thought!!! LOL

  5. Impressive results, this picture is amazing!

    Only 1.24 gigs, probably only took a second or two to process...

    1. The process was a "little" slow. LOL. I doubled the amount of ram in my computer when I bought the D800 which helped some. My biggest problem is storage. The computer has a 1 terabyte hard drive and I have had to transfer and delete files twice already just to keep room on the drive.

  6. WOW! Love this shot! Nice job on the timing of the sunset. Don't forget your big stopper from your Hawaii trip.

  7. Thanks Q! The big stopper is already in the bag and I already have a list of places I want to use it at.


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