Friday, November 1, 2013

Holly Berries and A Mockingbird

Color For The Winter
Fall is coming fast around these parts. A good sign is when the berries on our backyard holly trees, changes from green to red. Seems there is a bumper crop this year. We love the the color they add through the winter. The resident mockingbird loves the tasty snacks the berries provide!

Eyeing An Intruder
Thinking there may be a photo hiding amongst the green and red; I was in the middle of trying to compose a shot of the berries when this guy plopped down almost in front of the lens! If he could have spoke he probably would have asked "I guess you know you're trespassing? These berries belong to me and I'll be keeping an eye on you!"

Fair Warning!
Two quick shots were all he stuck around for. His point was made!


  1. lovely red berries, would look great on my christmas tree and the mockingbird is so pretty.


  2. Beautiful little pops of red.

  3. Beautiful and fruitful tree and a resident Mocking Bird to go with... Very nice!

    I can't help but notice that there are more berries on the various berry bushes this year than normal up in this part of the world and am wondering if nature is preparing for little harsher winter than normal. Just a theory at this point, I'll be interested to see how this winter plays out.

  4. I think perhaps he was mocking you or better still, the bird was waiting to be immortalized on your blog. Those red berries provide necessary snacks for your fine feathered friends during the cold months. The bird probably will be back!

  5. they are quite bold in their territory protection. :) love it.

  6. "photo-bombed" by a bird! LOL

    I like the contrasting colors of the red berries against the green in the first shot.

  7. WOW! Great timing for the bird shot.


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