Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just winging it

More ospreys from Oklahoma.
I'm headed back out to the eagles this weekend so hopefully I can get some new photos.


  1. Nice acrobatic moves by the Oklahoma Ospreys. Give them a 10 for style points!

  2. Wow Ron these are all fantastic shots!
    I like the middle picture with the smaller bird flying above the Osprey, gives a better appreciation for just how large these birds really are.

  3. Thanks Paul! As you can tell, I had to really crop that shot as they were quite aways off. I'm still learning hte nuances of using this mega lens. There are several things the brain has to process all at once to keep things in focus and in the frame and take the photo. The camera will do a lot of that for you but I'm still learning the settings to make that happen. It's pretty bad when the camera is smarter than me!

  4. I like them, especially when you enlarge the images. Lot's of detail!

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