Friday, November 8, 2013

Please vote...

...for me! Or any of the other photographers from this blog.
B&H Photo is sponsoring a wilderness photo contest and giving away prizes. Several of us from this blog are entering photos and we would greatly appreciate you voting for one of our photos as the "peoples choice" winner gets a free trip to Africa to take photos on a safari.
You can only vote once so make your choice wisely, for one of us of course! LOL
You can find the contest photos at this web address;
Or from a web search for the B&H Wilderness Photo Competition


  1. Just visited the site and cast a vote. Good luck to a Shutterbug!

    1. So who'd you vote for? Huh? Huh? who? who? who? LOL

  2. Once in a lifetime opportunity, can you imagine being on safari in Africa!

    I'll check out the link you sent.

  3. If you win, I would love to carry your bag to Africa.

  4. We don't know your last names to search through all the pictures?


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