Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sun Touches-part one

Peeking Through the Canopy
Old Sol was trying it's best to shine through the dense treetops and cast light upon this walker.

Golden Touch
The best it could do was filter a few small rays of direct light to the foliage. The rays were bright and intense as they highlighted natures choices.

Sun Touched
The walker who was carrying a camera and looking for a photo op was presented with a gift. His choices were ready made and the subjects were already touched by the sun!

sun touches


  1. very pretty 'natural highlights'. :)

  2. Nothing like sun kissed leaves.

  3. I like your reasoning... Let the Sun point out what to take pictures of. Nice pictures!

  4. With all of that walking you are doing you must be ready to hit the mountains!

    I like the effect on the first photo. Very nice!

    1. Just trying to stay in shape for when a mountain opportunity comes along. None is planned for now. Maybe this coming spring I hope.

  5. Being touched by the sun is a gift to a walker. I'm impressed with the amount of walking you seem to be doing. It should motivate me!


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