Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014 Festival of the Arts

The annual Arts Fest was held last week in downtown OKC. The weather was perfect on opening day and I was there by 11:AM.

I wanted to get an early start before the aisles became so crowded. By noon these walkways were elbow to elbow with folks who were taking in the artists offerings.

The artists all seemed hopeful of a sale as the lookers passed their booths. Several of the vendors I recognized from past shows.

Photographers were well represented and their prints always captured attention from the festival goers, including myself.

More Arts Fest photos in my next few posts..........


  1. yup, that last booth sure caught my eye! looks like a PERFECT day for it, there!

  2. Looks like an interesting place to poke around, lots of brightly colored booths and an abundance of art to look at. Even more fun to be there taking pictures I'm sure!

  3. Festival time already? I wouldn't mind going to a nice outside festival. May have to head to Medicine Park sometime before it gets too hot.

  4. Love to attend an art festival, especially looking at those beautiful pictures, and dreaming one day my pictures will look like that!

    1. Q, your photos are equally as impressive as this artists work. Maybe one of these days you should display at a fest or two. I'm betting the response from the public would be most positive!

  5. I always enjoy our local arts fest.

  6. Art festivals are the best part of summer!!


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