Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse

This was taken just a little after 1:00 a.m. as the eclipse was starting into the moon.
(shot at 1200mm with a Nikon D800)

These last two were taken about 2:30 a.m. as the eclipse was going through total and giving the moon a reddish-orange tent from the shadow of the earth.

(shot at 850mm with a Nikon D3s)

OK, now I'm going to go take a nap!


  1. Oh so beautiful. Thanks to you for the pictures. Oh you better have more then a nap.

    They are magnificent. Enter them in your local paper in your city. They are excellent!

    Nite, nite may you have a good missed sleep.

  2. How cool is that. Never seen it we had rain. TFS

  3. great shots Ron, i was at work last night, but did see the lovely colours of the moon.


  4. Marvelous photos. It happened a little too late for me.

  5. Sure glad the skies cleared where you could get your shots. These turned out nice.
    Thanks for staying up for the captures! I went to sleep in my recliner and missed all the action!

  6. Your late night paid off, these are exceptional shots!

    The clouds rolled in just as the eclipse started over here on my part of the coast...

  7. Very Nice! Lately, I have seen you working really hard for your pictures. So, how's feel to hold a pro body in your hand?

    1. I like it a lot! I'm still getting use to the different things about the camera but I really do like it. I wish I had more time to take the eclipse photos though. My red moon photos were just a little soft/blurry and I couldn't figure out how to get it as sharp as I wanted. Being up int he middle of the night may have affected my brain power a little. LOL Maybe next time!

    2. It could be your shutter speed is too slow. Did you use spot mettering on this?

    3. I tried just about everything. I raised the ISO to get a fast shutter speed but then I started loosing the color. The fact that I was cold and tired didn't help much either. LOL

      I think you are right about the shutter speed though. I just couldn't find that sweet spot between ISO and shutter speed to get a really sharp image and get the color I wanted.

    4. You shouldn't have a problem loosing colors if you raised the ISO. You must be tired! Next time we meet, I will show the trick how to get correct exposure, and sharp image by playing around the shutter speed.


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