Friday, April 4, 2014

Sailing Lesson!

Well, I got selected as a member of the sailing racing for my company today.  The race will be in France for 2 weeks in Oct.  It won't be calm and sunny like in this picture, I know it going to be a rough ride for 10 days of racing.  Therefore, if you know any books or anything for me to read or watch before we training for this race in next couple months.  Thank you in advance!  HELP..........


  1. What a great shot! France for two weeks? Man that's a tough job you've got! LOL

    My only advice for sailing on rough waters is to wear a life jacket and hold on tight! When I was a lot younger I used to compete in some local regattas with a friend of mine sailing a Hobie Cat but I think the sailing you will be doing will be a lot different than that.

  2. What a super opportunity for an adventure! You are living right my friend.

    No advice from me but maybe they will appoint you to capture the action with your cameras.

  3. What a huge opportunity to be involved with a sailing race especially in France! Hopefully you will have lots of photo opportunities while you're there.

    Really nice picture from Maui, love the golden light with the palm trees silhouetted in the foreground!

  4. If they need any other team mates tell them I work for free!! I can only imagine the adventure you are going to have. Congratulations on making the team.

    I agree great golden light to the photo. Nice shot!


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