Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Found at a Crossroads

Nowhere Series
part 3

What a surprise! 
When I started this unplanned day trip to nowhere, little did I know that there is an actual place by this name. After leaving the signature cliffs I kept driving the County roads in a southwesterly direction towards Ft. Cobb Lake. Coming up to a Crossroads, in the middle of nowhere, I found this tank with the name "Nowhere Okla." clearly stenciled across it. I had arrived! Spent a full 30 seconds taking in all the sights. Pulled up to the tank, stuck my camera out the window, and clicked the shutter. Found me a title for this little series!

Now that I had officially been to Nowhere, decided that I should go somewhere before ending this adventure. Next post we will go to some canyons where gold and silver awaits us! 


  1. if i lived in that general region, i'd prefer to pronounce it 'now here'. like i had finally arrived. :)

    1. You are an optimist! Like your way of thinking.

  2. How awesome to head to nowhere and actually get there!

  3. Now that's a nice find Parker. At least we know you were somewhere in OK, ha ha.

  4. I guess you've pretty much been everywhere when you've finally been to nowhere! Not only that but when your wife asks where you've been you can tell her, nowhere...

    Great find Parker!

  5. What a great find! I have found that nowhere is a good place to be at times.

  6. You never know what you going to find on the part unknown!

  7. Looks like ending up Nowhere was a pleasant surprise, although very short-lived. Your wanderings are taking you to some unusual places. Forge on!!


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